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With over 30 years of IT experience, Beyer Consulting is committed to providing expert Linux solutions and support on System z.

Linux on System Z       

The dark side of open and inexpensive scale-out x86 architectures is server sprawl — the proliferation of servers with relatively low utilization rates. Scaling out is simple: When you need to process higher volumes of production data, you simply spawn new virtual machines (VMs), production application servers, new database servers, storage, etc. However, each new server must be properly provisioned with new software licenses, so licensing costs scale fairly linearly, and the proliferation of small servers increases the administration burden. As applications scale out to meet increased business demand, the cumulative effect of sprawl takes its toll on the IT budget in terms of additional complexity, staff, floor space and electricity.

Linux provides the flexibility, choice, and an attractive total cost of ownership that can benefit any IT organization. Linux benefits from community innovation that constantly develops and integrates leading-edge technologies and best practices into the operating system. 

Linux on System z can help lower  IT costs with support for large scale server consolidation, running up to thousands of virtual Linux servers concurrently and ensuring workload isolation and security of each virtual server environment. Consolidation of large distributed servers and workload deployment onto a single IBM zEnterprise server will provide the following cost reduction opportunities:

  • Consistent environmental footprint, energy consumption. Linux on System z allows for fewer servers and networks which help on savings in physical space, air conditioning and electricity costs. Replace a room full of physical servers with a single System z Enterprise server.
  • Savings on administration and management . Linux on System z allows an IT organization to run many virtual servers on one single physical server, reducing labor for system management and maintenance.
  • Software licensing can be fully leveraged on the IBM System z virtualization capabilities. Reduction in software licensing costs can be achieved due to the Linux licensing per IFL or core.
  • Linux on System z can scale up and out to meet spikes in server activity, helping to minimize costly transaction delays and system outages.